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SwasthLife will help you to get motivated towards healthy lifestyle in each phase of your life let it be Pregnancy, Lactation, Infancy, Childhood, Adulthood OR Aging.

Here you can find solutions to all your health issues related to Nutrition/Diet, Psychological Care, and Physical Activity & Medical Care

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Hello Friends,

Do you know your eating patterns is the solution to all your health issues.

Tripti Khanna is a nutritionist of the new age, who believes in the Gandhian thought , " A person becomes ,what he eats" Eating 'satvik' i.e virtuous food, makes a person 'satvik' and eating 'tamsic' i.e violent food makes a person 'tamsik' . The subject food is dear to her brain , as it is for our tongue. We have all allowed our tongues to go haywire with the result that , we are either obese, underweight or stressed.

Well, then here is a person to enlighten us all about food, as food , water and shelter even today are the breath of life .

Academically speaking , she holds a Post Graduate degree in 'Food Science & Nutrition' from SNDT University where she secured a distinction. She is the Director of , a website which caters to all your nutrition problems.

She has put in umpteen number of years in this field of Food Science and Nutrition, making people relish their food to their satisfaction besides making them mindful of their health. Her academic ventures in Naturopathy, Child Nutrition & Personal counselling made her win accolades of hundreds of her clients , who have improved their health both mental and physical in short stints of time.

Nutrition counselling , where she teaches you what to eat and more often, what not to eat, is a subject which is dear to her heart ,where she treats health disorders with her diet therapy, keeping in mind the scientific phenomena of the 'cause and effect ' theory .

She has at a young age, not hundreds of clients , but hundreds of fans and an equal number clients , whom she has, treated with her Diet Plans.

She is associated with esteemed institutions like the ' Mother & Child Care Clinic', working closely with Paediatrician doctors. Treating children who are fussy to eat food is another added dimension of her versatility in 'Food and Nutrition'. Well, this is not all. She understands the psyche of the today's working woman who has time for her family and work, but not herself. Understanding her emotional and health balance, Tripti has been a friend and guide to many women solving their Gynaec problems , including fibroids, cysts , pregnancy & infertility treatments.

She is associated with many Preschool & Schools , as she believes that health begins in childhood. She is called upon at many institutions to decide the menu planning for children’s food canteens.

As she believes in sharing her knowledge in ' Nutrition', she has conducted Health sessions at well know corporate houses like Eton, Mastek & Redhat and many more. She has also conducted workshops for Senior citizen clubs, Rotary Clubs, Sofia Hospital and the list is too huge.

Tripti disagrees with Mark Twain, the famous humorist, , who enjoyed good health ,and when asked the secret of his good health answered " Drink what you don't like and eat what you hate ...that's the secret to good health' . Well, she will allow you to eat what you like and yet make you enjoy good health.

Her Mantra at Swasth Life is – "Eat Mindfully to Live Peacefully"

About Workshops we Conduct :

In today's world , it is obvious due hectic worklife, too little attention is generally given to the preservation of health. It is far better to prevent disease than to know how to treat it when contracted. The only solution is to educate the people about healthy lifestyle .

Evidently, Quality of life is also very important factor which is overlooked at every stage of life starting from nutritional intake during pregnancy to child's eating habits, balancing health with work and maintaining health during ageing.

Swasthlife's Workshops/Consultations focuses on how to live healthy quality at each phase of your life.

With a Team of experts from various medical and paramedical backgrounds we ensure to deliver maximum relevant information on health topics. Health & fitness, Nutrition, Medical Care, Stress management etc are broad categories on which we work.

Our Blogs

Navratri means 'Nine Nights,' the festival is commemorated for nine long days to perform a Puja to one of the nine forms of Goddess.

Being gujarati love this festival apart from religious and traditional significance, during these nine days, people show their best moves and do the garba and dandiya.

People also observe fast & feast all these 9 days.

( मोदीजी के अद्भुत ऊर्जा का रहस्य)

Mr. Narendra Modi is India's 14th Prime Minister . He is an inspiration to millions and leader with a Vision. He is a person praised for his policies and decisions which is sure result of hard work and dedication he puts in his profession .

He is hard taskmaster himself and works hard toward implementing change which should benefit masses of India.

With so many international and nations travels & the kind on energy he brings to his work at an age of 66 , it seems Mr. Modi has fitted a Robot Inside himself..

But the real fact against his awesome energy is something else ..

Let's us see his routine habits , which would help us analyse his fitness mantra..

While I visited for regular checkup of my entire family, I came across a report were I got to know majority of them are deficit in Vitamin D3 & Vitamin B12.

Also another problem like every women faces very commonly known is anemia was reflected in my report. If I being nutritionist can have deficiencies many females/males out there might be having deficiencies and until it is alarming enough we don’t go for regular test.

Hence, Here is Some knowledge sharing which become most important for staying away from Micro-nutrient deficiencies in our lives.

While enjoying the sambar, I started to ponder. LIFE IS LIKE A "SAMBHAR" with different experiences, circumstances and people.

Not all days are same, some are good, while some really try our patience.

But that is life! We have to experience the spice, bitterness as well as the sweetness.

Never let the challenges, circumstances, people, negative thoughts or bad mouthing pull you down.

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Testophobia - Phobia of Exams

Recently a girl Aarohi (name changed) of 24 years came to my clinic. When she came to meet me, she was crying, her eyes were red( which means she was crying since a long time), her hands were shaking, sweating, her body was trembling continuously, her breathing was shallow, increased palpitation. She was vomiting throughout the day. Her mother told that she is talking of jumping from the top of her building since two days. Aarohi had a full blown panic attack when she came to meet me. The reason was she was appearing for C.A. exam and was unable to study.

This kind of reaction is seen in many students who appear for difficult exams. It’s a very normal reaction as the pressure of the syllabus is very difficult to manage. Students develop some unhealthy habits of studying, sleeping, eating which leads to imbalance in their body. Increased stress levels, negative self-talk, paranoid thinking, irrational demands from self, all this unconsciously increase their anxiety. When this anxiety is not managed or recognized by the care givers then it can lead to a full blown panic attack and testophobia.

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BAHUBALI,the epic historic fiction that swept the nation as the highest grossing movie breaking all records.

The fever of Bahubali was seen gripping kids as well as adults.

The craze among people to know about why katappa killed Bahubali was evident from the queues at the cinema halls. Girls went gaga over the charismatic character of Bahubali.

Wondering about his character made me realize that physical strength is of value only when we possess a strong mental strength.

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