Sugar Cravings - Try Alternate Healthy Option

Date: 26-Sep-2017

6 Foods To Satisfy Your Sudden Sugar Cravings

Today's harsh competitive world and performance pressure , has given birth to increasing stress among every human being.

Stress of being competent , Stress to survive , Stress to perform , Stress to Deliver . Furthermore, this stress triggers cravings , and most commonly "Craving of Sweet " .

Perhaps , when today every nukkad /panshop or retail kirana shop keeping sugary items, this easy access to candy’s chocolates & sugary drinks ,

It hard to stop oneself not fall into this pothole of craving .

Researches have found , when you are in stress you cannot stop yourself from having single serving/piece and indulge in overdose , without thinking twice.

This perfunctory act , behaves like a poison to your body after each repeated serving.

However, as we know we need to avoid these sugars for the simple reason of unwanted weight gain. Here Are Causes & better foods to stay away from unhealthy sugary options.

Recommended by Our Pune Based Nutritionist.

Why do we have such Sugar cravings?

1) Stress -For boosting our mood, when you are depressed or very lonely you tell to eat excess sweet. This is not because you feel hungry this is because you feel at ease this is called eating for pleasure not for satiety. Hormone serotonin is released with smell, sight & taste of sweets which gives feeling of pleasure.

2) Imbalance Gut – Good Microbes in Your GUT could be depleting hence the craving of junk & sugars comes in. Studies have found that eating sugar foods can make GUT microbes dependent on them & reject healthy foods

3) Tiredness Lack of Sleep – Sleepless nights can affect the mood & disturbs metabolism which might come as craving for sweets, it can make body feel depleted of nutrients. While sugar can curb this feeling for a short span & may become a habit. Bored of long work hours & need some rest, however can’t rest due to some reason you would tend to fall for chocolate bar or sweet pastries, whereas small relaxation with walk or listening to music would have suffice the actual problem.

4) Magnesium Deficiency – This common deficiency can lead to craving of chocolates as per researchers, this deficiency is also related to diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia & irritability. Chocolate might help as cocoa is good source of magnesium however its loaded with sugar & Might create unnecessary insulin spike.

Here are Top 6 Healthy foods to avoid those sugar monsters

Almonds – Rich source of goof fat, Vitamin E & magnesium. These are mild sweet, satisfying & alkaline in nature. Helps to reduce Bloods sugar levels & highpertension.

Yogurt -To get back your gut’s natural balance of bacteria, choose homemade curds and Buttermilk that are packed with active probiotics. Make homemade flavoured yogurt (hung curd with dash of fruits) is also rich in protein, keeps you full till next meal.

Pumpkin seeds- These are rich in magnesium. If you crave chocolate, maybe your body is asking for more Magnesium, as cocoa is rich in this crucial mineral. Choose other high-magnesium foods such as leafy greens and seeds to boost your magnesium levels. Pump up your magnesium by adding to soups & salads with toasted pumpkin seeds.

Cinnamon powder -The main active ingredient of cinnamon is hydroxychalcone which helps enhance the effects of insulin and satisfies your sugar cravings. Cinnamon also prevents the blood sugar spikes that cause sugar cravings and normalizes blood sugar levels. Add this super food in Tea or coffee and enjoy.

Dates – Rich source of iron & extremely sweet in taste, dates can fix your sudden craving & wouldn’t harm in anyway. It contains selenium, copper, magnesium. 2 to 3 dates are enough for sweet cravings to go.

Dark chocolate – Choose 70 % dark chocolate, Melt 2 pieces & put it on Bowl of cut fruits would help in best way for sweet tooth. Just 1 piece is good enough if eaten mindfully.

Studies indicate that the reduction of sugar can make a big difference in our health, particularly regarding type II diabetes and obesity.

It is necessary to control your sugar levels and abstain from ill effects due to overdose.


Tripti Tambe ( Msc. Nutrition )


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