How to Select Healthy Food While Eating Outside

Going out to have food this Weekend: Try to think healthy and tasty this time

You want to eat something tasty but are scared for getting overloaded with fat.

Don’t you worry! Some healthy tips will help you choose best n healthiest out of menu card, provided you go for menu card instead of buffet( buffet are bad option you will end up eating much more than required.

Just Remember to Choose Below Option while Ordering ::

  • Moderate –Fat, Calories & Sugar

  • Variety- Colorful(natural),variety of Veg, grains, fruits, Non-Veg

  • Proportionate- Eat 1 portion at a time

  • Personalization- Personalize for yourself don’t copy from friend (Your needs are different then others)

  • Choose Mindfully, order 30% below your capacity.

  • Activity- chill if had eaten a bit more increase activity.

  • Drinks· Water +lemon/lime , low fat milk, ice tea with sugar free , Chaass (Butter Milk)

  • Alcohols –Choose wine, cocktails or limit to 1-2 pegs of drink

  • Starters & Soups Roasted/steamed or grilled,Tandoori Example : Veg platter/chicken grilled/fish grilled , Sweet Corn, hot& Sour , Tomato Soup are good choice

If you have any allergy , please clear out the ingrediants before placing order

Main course

Indian – Although Indian food tends to use a lot of legumes, vegetables, carbohydrates and spices, much of the food is prepared with clarified butter (ghee) or is fried.

Tips For healthier Indian options :

  • Avoid food with gravy and greasy items , like curry as it contains large amount of Oil and Butter and adds high calorie .

  • Take Salads, Tomato Soups ..

  • You can take Tikka ( Paneer) as it has high protein .

  • Roti should be of pure wheat (aata) - No maida , which would be easily digestive.

  • If restaurant does not have aata roti take Daal and rice .. Daal is a must eat . It has too much protein and it makes you full fast.

  • Fish should be taken instead of red meat or chicken as it has Omega 3 , which is good for your eyes, hair and metabolism

  • Red meat should be last option after fish and chicken, try to avoid.

Main course

Italian- Italian food is usually associated with big portions, as well as pasta, breadsticks, pizza and cannolis. All of this can fit into a healthy lifestyle with a couple of swap outs, like asking for marinara instead of Alfredo sauce. For healthier Italian options, consider:

· Pizza margherita (tomatoes, basil and a small amount of mozzarella cheese)

or any vegetable pizza

· Roasted peppers, artichokes, or minestrone soup

· Whole wheat (AATA) , No Maida pasta · Pasta primavera (with garden vegetables) or Capellini Pomodoro (pasta tossed with olive oil, garlic, fresh tomatoes and basil) · Pasta with marsala wine sauce or marinara sauce · Chicken marsala or piccata dishes · Italian ices, melon, citrus fruit or Italian coffee Main course

Chinese- food is one of the ethnic cuisines that have lots of vegetables in their dishes; however, many dishes have a great amount of salt, MSG, and fat because of the cooking methods used. For a healthier Chinese option, consider:

· Wonton or hot-and-sour soup

· Steamed dumplings or steamed vegetables · Boiled, broiled, steamed, lightly stir-fried entrees with water chestnuts for some added crunch · Dishes with lots of vegetables like chop suey · Brown or steamed rice · Sweet and sour sauce, plum or duck sauce (be careful of the sodium content)

Try to eat slowly and chew as much as possible. Enjoy your meal don't gallop. Drink water 10 mins after your food.



Tripti Khanna( Msc. Nutrition )


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