Bahubali Like Strength


BAHUBALI,the epic historic fiction that swept the nation as the highest grossing movie breaking all records.The fever of Bahubali was seen gripping kids as well as adults.The craze among people to know about why katappa killed Bahubali was evident from the queues at the cinema halls. Girls went gaga over the charismatic character of Bahubali.

Bahubali means a strong powerful man who has strong arms and immense strength and might.He portrays vulnerability and toughness with amazing ease.

Wondering about his character made me realise that physical strength is of value only when we possess a strong mental strength.

As a dietician i Couldn’t help but think-What is the secret behind his strength (kya khata hoga??). While watching the movie i started contemplating his character from a nutritionist point of view(Aadat se majbur!)

Carbohydrates must have been one of the major part of Bahubali’s diet as they are all about making your body and mind strong.Your body depends on them to function properly.Brain needs carbs to enhance your ability to think,learn and remember things.Being focused was indeed a good quality of Bahubali which brought him success.The energy from the carbs must have surely helped him to work hard and complete laborious tasks like building machines for the war.He is a strong, confident leader with great planning skills.

Thanks to the popularity of low carbohydrate diets,they have been unfairly blacklisted.lets take a look at the role of carbs in our body.

Role of Carbohydrates-

1)Main source of body fuel,needed for physical activity,brain function,central nervous system and muscular system.

2)Carbs makes you happier.They contain Trytophans which help produce the Feel-good hormone serotonin.

3)Brain needs carbohydrates to work because brain runs on glucose,and you get glucose from carbs.Carbohydrate deficiency will alter your ability to think,learn and remember.

4)Carbohydrates like whole grains,fruits and veggies,contain a lot of fibre-and fibre helps to keep your bowel movement regular.high fibre helps to reduce cholesterol levels and reduce your chances of heart disease.

5)They help give a satiety feeling.

6)Carbs play a major role in breakdown of fatty acids and preventing ketosis.Ketosis-when body doesn’t have enough glucose for energy it breaks down stored fat producing ketones.mild ketosis can cause mental fatigue,bad breath,nausea and headache.Severe ketosis can lead to painful swelling of the joints and kidney stones.

Many people avoid carbs due to concerns about weight gain,but carbs are needed for the body to function.

Hypoglycaemia,also known as low blood sugar level occurs when the glucose level in the blood drops. Hypoglycemia include tiredness,weakness,light headedness,confusion and hunger.carbs are the main source of glucose because they are broken down into simple sugars during digestion and enter the cell with the help of insulin,providing energy.

To avoid the negative effects associated with very low intake of carbs,it is necessary to strike a balance.A proper balance of good quality Protiens,Carbohydrates,vitamins and minerals is necessary for a strong body.Taking advise from a nutritionist before going on a No Carb diet will help avoid a lot of undesirable effects on your body.Ditching all carbs isn’t a good move. Choosing the good carbs like complex carbohydrates will help you achieve your results of weight loss effectively.

The strength,chivalry and calmness, of Bahubali can be achieved with the right intake of good carbohydrates and proteins accompanied with a religious exercise pattern #BELIKEBAHUBALI

By :

Archita Bandellu ( Know More)

Sports & Clinical Nutrition Expert

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