10 ways to reduce Stress in Teens

College/School days for teenagers are the most memorable ones of life when all folks are looking at each other commenting at appearance - weight, height, hair, teeth etc. That many a times brings lot of stress amongst teens.

Studies & constant fear of proving oneself is another big reason of stress during college/school days. Stress occurs when your tension level exceeds your energy level, resulting in an overloaded feeling. As long as our available energy exceeds our tension level, then we’re in an okay state, “But if energy is low and tensions are higher, then that can result in a state of anxiety, depression, and feeling overwhelmed.” Follow our stress-management tips to help relieve the pressure.

1) Sleep Well - “The more that our internal clock is closely aligned with the clock of the sun, the better it is,” This is emphasized because many college students will study whole night & disturb biological cycle which is followed by stress. Insufficient sleep can give rise to obesity, digestive problems, hormonal imbalance & deficiencies. Best way to sleep well is switch of phone & t.v 1 hours prior to sleep. Drink warm milk & sleep 8 hours. It away to be out of stress in just a few days

2) Drink water – 3 to 4 litres of water is must to have well hydrated body in adults. It’s not when you feel thirsty drink a glass of water. Its every hour drink 1 glass this has helped all my clients as dehydration is the main cause of headaches acidity & lousiness.

3) Eat healthy – Eating Pizza, fries & aerated drinks are part of college life but remember now you are parent of your own self so select food which will energize you rather then keep you lazy & lousy. Have nuts in breaks, fruits & vegetables. Dal, rice, lentils & chapties will keep you mind charged for studies for long time. One-piece dark chocolate is ok however in the name of stress reliever you can’t hog on full bar of chocolate. This is the time when your physical growth is at threshold & so you put on weight easily while studying constantly in one position.

4) Walk or exercise - Walking outdoors has also been shown to improve energy levels. Try walking outside for 20-30 minutes several times per week to alleviate stress and give your mind a boost. Like any other cardiovascular exercise, brisk walking boosts endorphin, which can reduce stress hormones and alleviate mild depression.

5) Do breathing activity – 10 to 15 mins of breathing activity releases stress to great extend you can select any time morning or evening or before sleep. Just make sure its simple activity of deep breathing no need of pressure breathing or fast breathing stomach rolling. This will keep you away from unwanted thoughts, Most important is think positive while breathing in & remove bad thoughts while breathing out.

6) Hobbies – indulge in your favorite hobby for 1/2 hour in a day or at least 2 times in a week. Your hobby is your passion it will definitely make you happy & contended. Let it be reading, drawing, singing, dancing or planting, listen soothing Music. If you don’t have any hobby, then develop one.

7) Open up -Choose a friend or family member who won’t be judgmental or try to give lots of advice. Or seek the help of a professional counsellor or psychologist. If you Like internet start your write up, unless you take it out of your mind to friend or a book it may bother you for long. 8) Don’t overload – You have to study, have to manage friends, have job may be & guest at home so extra work at home as well Now college fest and its work so start saying No for things you can’t manage within your time. you can’t please everyone. Its ok if you drop down 1 odd work 9) Time Table are just for killing time – Do not waste time in making time tables if you don’t follow it. Priority is the key. Health, studies, hobby, friends. Please don’t ignore health as later on half of life will go on solving health issues. 10) Avoid Bad company – Some friend is not good you know however you like their company if they ask you to smoke you may say No 2/3 times then eventually you may fall for it. Hence best way is stay away from such friends. Also there would be some over smart friends who would purposely say things which are demotivation or personal so avoid or answer back such friends.

11) Avoid caffeine & alcohol -Artificial stimulants like caffeine pills or prescription meds may help you stay awake for that all-night study session, but putting off your body’s need to sleep will ultimately result in an energy crash, resulting again in a greater susceptibility to stress. 1or 2 beers or vodka may seem easy option to reduce stress but its other way round. If you overindulge, you may have to deal with unpleasant side effects, like nausea and hangovers, later on. If you find yourself drinking regularly before noon, become anxious at the prospect of not drinking, or become unable to “just have one,” you may be developing addiction.

College/School is a time to learn new things, both academically and socially. College/School campuses often boast a wide range of activities and classes.

Studies are important but it should not overload you with stress and make you unhealthy. Find time to enjoy , chill out , Follow your hobby & Relax.

The possibilities are endless to enjoy your time at college/school.


Tripti Khanna

Msc. Nutrition


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