Do you Know the Antioxidant in Your Food can protect you against Air Pollution?

With Diwali Round the corner, I remember Last year’s scene of Post Diwali, where "Fog Of Pollution" was everywhere. People wearing mask for few days & respiratory problems on top. The other day, I was watching TV where restriction on fire crackers for this season was highlighted, that’s when I decided to share this important information on How to protect ourselves with bad impact of air pollution. This is festival time how much ever you restrict firecrackers, few of them will always be on high spirits.

In my Opinion the air we breathe is anyways polluted, and firecrackers will make it even worse. I have seen increase in cases of respiratory issues in kids & adults during this season.

Most of them name it allergy or seasonal impact of cold & cough however, we must not forget that our body is made in such a way to combat allergies & infections. As Government is doing its bit to improve quality of air Here is Swasthlife’s Nutrition Tips to Protect ourselves from Air pollution.

The air we inhale has nitrogen dioxide, particulate matters, petrol/diesel particles etc. It affects our lungs, the protective lining of lungs fights with pollutants till the number is not enough, once the pollution level is high pollutants attack immune system, produce free radicals and cause inflammation.

Following 7 steps can help you combat the ill effects of pollution

1) Include lemon water in daily diet as Vitamin C is essential to fight free radicals. Vitamin C is important for Vitamin E regeneration. Average Adult needs 40 mg of Vitamin C/ daily. Other Sources are Amla, citrus fruits, coriander leaves, cabbage & capsicum.

2)Almonds & sunflower seeds one fistful every day for Vitamin E, as it helps in recovery from tissue damage. Other sources are rice bran oil, fish, herbs &spices.

3) Leafy vegetables & red fruits & vegetables 2 servings each daily for Beta carotene as it is beneficial to reduces inflammation. Include sources like spinach, amaranth, carrots, radish etc.

5) Turmeric milk at bed time works as anti-inflammatory and protects lungs from pollution. This will take care of lung lining health. It is an ancient Ayurveda herb known for its benefits in asthmatic attacks.

5) Ginger, Black pepper & Tulsi concoction – It’s an evening tea formula for those who have immunity issues and cough tendency. This is prepared by taking 2 cup water & adding Fresh ginger grated 1 tsp, ¼ tsp black pepper powder & 4 tulsi leaves let this mixture boil till its 1 cup strain & drink (add 1 spoon honey & lemon drops for taste)

6) Breathing exercise – Pranayama has some magic my clients says however, it is bronchi-oles which gets activity of breathing which makes our respiratory system strong. So 10 mins breathing activity daily in fresh & green environment will help.

7) 7 hours of sleep – Most People don’t realize that our sleep is time when internal body works to recover from injury or inflammation. Resting for 7 to 8 hours’ i.e. sound sleep can make overall health better.If in case you get cough, cold or throat irritation do not ignore it . Try to have immediate consultation with family doctor. However, Immunity varies from person to person the above information is in general for all not specific to any medial conditions .As we believe in prevention better then cure try out our tips & live swasthlife.For Personal consultation on Respiratory problems contact our expert Nutritionist.

By :

Tripti Tambe ( Know More)

Founder & Nutritionist


NIBM -Pune

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