Sarco-Obesity - One of a Kind Obesity

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The term Sarco-obesity is a mix of two different words-Sarcopenia and Obesity.

Sarcopenia-Loss in Muscle.

Obesity-Increase in fat percentage.

Sacro-obesity is when you are increasing fat and losing muscle in the body.

The above condition is commonly seen in patients recovering in hospitals. As they are either bedridden or advised bed rest,because of which their muscles starts to waste.At the same time fat keeps on accumulating because they are still eating food. It is also seen in the ageing population, wherein muscles become weak due to a lack of exercise, and the individual gains weight due to the same reason.

There is an alarming increase in the number of Sarco Obesity in young individuals.At the age of 30 we now face the problems of a 60 year old.

General complains of fatigue,body ache ,muscle and joint pain,increase in weight and tummy fat are a common sight now a days.Fat keeps on accumulating in the body and the muscle keeps getting weak. The reasons for it are as follows.

1)Sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits.

2)Long hours of sitting in an office job,spending hours sitting around watching TV.

3)No daily Exercise.

4)Crash dieting.

5)Depression and eating disorders.

6)High intake of processed foods and sweets.

Management of Sarco-Obesity

Early intervention and management is very essential in this condition.

Therapies combining nutrition and exercise remain the first choice in preventing and treating sarco-obesity.

1)Low calorie and high protein diet plays the most important role.

2)Amino acid supplementation in some circumstances is required.

3)Multicomponent exercise program and progressive resistance training from trained professional.

4)Intervention of trained Psychologist incase of eating disorders and depression.

Guidance and advise from qualified dieticians play a vital part in the recovery program.

If we take the impatient and insensible route of crash dieting, then the body may lose weight for a short while, but then we will begin to suffer from sarco-obesity. The vulnerability to developing lifestyle diseases like insulin resistance,Diabetes,Hypertension tends to increase.

Having an active lifestyle and adapting healthy eating habits is the need of the hour.

its time we take our health seriously.

Exercise,Eat Healthy,Stay Positive!

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Archita Bandellu ( Know More)

Sports & Clinical Nutrition Expert

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