Mindful Eating in Festivals

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Don’t Scare your stomach in Festivals

These days everyone is getting so much health conscious that the moment which need to be enjoyed with family like Holi, Diwali, Eid, Ganesh Uthsav each one of us get scared that now weight will increase now no escape how would I say no to Prasad n how would we discourage our elders in making delicious overly fat rich recipes.

I am a Pune Based Nutritionist and recently my client told me that there is going to be diet deviation for sure as Ganesh Uthsav is coming.

Then I thought of writing this blog. Its interesting that INDIA is full of different religion and festivals . I come from a religious family and for most of indian homes its very important to make sweets, puri , mithai in fasting. without this we don’t have fun in our families. Imagine Diwali without farsan & jalebi or Gulab Jamun. Or imagine eid without kheer.

I request indulging in sweets and Mithai occasionally won’t harm,you just have to actively listen to your gut . When you know it will be too much acidic , just stop with 1 bite.

Few helpful Eating tips this Festival.

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is relishing each bite that 1 serving gives you full feeling. Eat each bite with all sences , smell it, feel its texture on touch , chew it hear its sound, and feel the bite going in deepest area of stomach I am sure it will help to not to take another piece of sweet. Eat slowly & gradually keep sharing with other members.

Keep Your Self-Hydrated

Drink more water than regular on festive days. It will keep you hydrated and help in flushing excess toxins away from body. You may have to frequently visit washroom but its ok if you can eat sweets without putting on weight. One definitely gets stressed and tired with all the work that needs to be done for having an ultimate celebration. Consuming ample amount of water will keep you refreshed and hydrated. Eat more fruits Festival also bring lot of fruits in house I suggest make yogurt with fruit, or smoothies of these fruit & enjoy with family. Remember more fruits is more antioxidants & less stress. Consume lots of fresh fruits and juices to refill your body with the necessary vitamins, minerals, fibres and antioxidants to boost your nutrition quotient. Dry fruits instead of sweets As dry fruits are expensive so all families don’t give dry fruits Prasad, but if you are to suggest than make khajoor barfi with nuts or til ka ladoo , coconut laddo, dudhi halwa , gajar halwa ,kesar chawal as these are heathy options than mawa mithai of vendors Avoid else Eat fried or sweets only in lunch not dinner Given a choice tell family to keep lunch treat for other relatives than dinner, as lunch treat could be heavy and you get full day to digest heavy meals. Now here also if Puri is in your plate which you know is fried than have raita and salad more to increase probiotics & fiber in your meal. But I know most people select puri papad pickle sadly it’s an acidic combination.

Keep dinners light

Most important every ganesh uthsav we have evening aarti must, and post aarti is delicious Prasad so if we keep our dinners light makes sence for weight conscious ones. Light dinners means 1 chapati instead of 2 or 3 control portion of carbohydrate have dal & sabji enough.

Be active

Lastly have to be active my idea is even if you are at your home or gone to hometown for uthsav or not celebrating or just in society. Lets make a point to walk 45 mins extra to burn out whatever is been offered and we couldn’t resist and keep feeling guilty about better to work it out & blame genes.


Tripti Khanna

Msc. Nutrition


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