School Health Program

School-based programs can play an important role in promoting lifelong healthy lifestyle.The roots of all behaviors including health behavior stems from childhood.

Swasthlife’s school workshops are designed to align with the Regular Curriculum and educate children about their health and how to keep it healthy in an interactive way.

This educational and interactive workshop will explore following.

Program Details:

  • Review nutritional assessment data for each child and makes recommendations for correcting children's nutritional status, as needed.

  • Counsel and provide counseling to the parents of children whose nutritional status needs improvement.

  • Monitor and ensure that meals and snacks are prepared in such a way that a minimum of nutrients are lost from foods, that foods taste good and look appealing, and that there are ample amounts of foods for children to have as many servings as they need.

  • Develop and monitor the provision of special diets for children with documented food allergies or other feeding problems or special nutritional needs, consulting with children's doctor as necessary. Also, ensures children with disabilities who are in need of adaptive feeding techniques or utensils are provided them.

  • Review classrooms to ensure that foods are an integral part of the total education program; that mealtime atmosphere is conducive to socialization and development; that meals are served family style; and, that the quality, quantity and size of food served is appropriate to the ages of the children.

  • Determine the training needs of staff, parents and children and develops and/or delivers nutrition education including development of appropriate resources.

Additional Guidance :

  • Guiding kids Good Food habits

  • Cultivate positive behavior

  • Learning & Reading Improvements

  • Yoga/Physical exercise to promote strength